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Chief Medical Officer job in Albuquerque, NM

Lovelace HealthSystem

LovelaceHealth System is a comprehensive health system with hospitals and clinicsproviding clinical excellence throughout Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Roswell.

Thehistory of Lovelace Health System begins in the 1880s, when missionaries andphilanthropists from the Midwest extended their mission of caring toAlbuquerque, NM. In 1901, they built the city’s first hospital St. JosephHospital. The state’s first school of nursing was also established at St.Joseph’s. Meanwhile, Dr. William Randolph Lovelace was quickly becoming knownas a pioneer in medicine. He moved his practice to Albuquerque and was joinedby other physicians. Doctor Lovelace called the practice the Lovelace Clinic,modeled after the Mayo Clinic.

The Lovelace Clinic and St.Joseph Healthcare merged in 2003 to form Lovelace Sandia Health System afterboth were acquired by Ardent Health Services, based in Nashville, TN. We areproud to be part of a larger organization with an investment here in NewMexico, but also with facilities in Texas and Oklahoma.

Today, Lovelace Health System iscomprised of six hospitals featuring the state’s only dedicated heart hospital,as well as the state’s only dedicated women’s hospital and a growing physiciangroup of primary care and specialty care providers with clinics throughoutAlbuquerque and Roswell.

AnAffiliate of Ardent Health Services

LovelaceHealth System is part of Ardent Health Services, based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Ardentmakes considerable investments in people, technology, facilities, andcommunities, producing high quality care and extraordinary results. Since 2001,those investments total more than $835 million. From newly constructedfacilities and expanded services, to lifesaving technology and outstandingopportunities for employees, Ardent is committed to providing its hospitals andclinics the tools they need to succeed.

The Chief Medical Officer (CMO)will interface with Administration, the Medical Staff, and other physicianorganizations.  The primary objective ofthis position is to lead clinical and quality initiatives that supportconsistent clinical performance and quality of care through outcomesmeasurement and performance improvement processes.

The CMO is a leadership position created to build on and strengthen thepositive and mutually supportive relationships between hospital administrationand the medical staff.  As such, the CMOwill work closely with the Ardent CMO, administrative staff, members of themedical staff, and its leadership to maintain the high quality of the medicalstaff and to help lead the medical staff participating in furthering themission of the organization, with a duty to support the mission and philosophyof Lovelace Health System.

The CMO will work closely with and facilitate positive relationshipswith nursing leadership in order to ensure successful performance improvementinitiatives and overall quality of care. The incumbent will forge strong linkages and alignments with physicianproviders.  The CMO will support andadvise the Medical Executive Committee and the Departments in responding tocomplaints regarding physician behavior and performance.

Examples of Responsibilities:


Serve as a member of the senior management teamand assist in strategic development of initiatives and programs.

Investigate and study new developments inmedical practice techniques and initiates medical staff and administrativediscussions of the implementation of new procedures. 

Promote effective and timely communication withthe medical staff and leadership.

Participate in the annual operating and capitalbudget process providing input regarding the budgets of medical affairs and forintegrating medical staff and clinical issues in to the Divison’s planning,budgeting, and marketing processes.

Collaborate with key medical staffcommittees.  Works to forge strongerbonds with the nursing staff.

Participate in the development andimplementation of patient care programs and collaborate with Division andhospital leaders on medical staff partnerships, co-management, and jointventures.

Medical Staff

Work to optimize and share best practices as itrelates to privileges, bylaws, quality, and medical staff.

Assist with efforts to identify and retaincontinuing sources of physician staff and other key employees.  Also, assist in the recruitment and locationof physicians and needed specialists for filling hospital staff needs, asneeded.

Receive, investigate, and, where possible,resolve conflicts referred by the medical staff leadership.  Report complaints against members of themedical staff to the appropriate bodies.

Work with other physician leaders to implementidentified best practices and evidence based initiatives.

Serve as resource for medical staff leaders oncomplex complaints, incidents and credentialing issues.

Clinical Care Management

Work with Division and hospital leadership ondeveloping standardized approaches to reducing HACs, Improving Core Measures,and reducing problematic safety events

Work with Ardent CMO and Case Management leaderson continuum of care, medical necessity, length of stay, denials, and other keyphysician driven case management initiatives.

Evaluate the medical staff quality assurance,disease management and utilization review activities, and develop standards toimprove quality outcomes, both clinically and administratively, to ensure thehighest standards in the treatment and care of patients, and to ensurecompliance with all relevant licensing and accrediting bodies.

Assist in development, implementation, andevaluation of all care management plans.

Serve as point person for EPIC clinicalresource.

Develop and implement strategies that controlthe risks of patient care, monitor the effectiveness of these actions, andensure proper documentation.

Dedicate specific resources to patient safety,particularly as related to medications errors and infection surveillance.

Provide leadership and vision in the developmentof clinical guidelines and care pathways.


Provide direction for continuing medicaleducation programs for the medical staff, support staff, graduate, and post-graduatemedical education.

Work with local leadership to ensure appropriateadministrative direction for graduate and post-graduate medical educationprograms

Resource Allocation

Support the development of managed care plansand physicians services strategic plans supporting the business plan of theorganization and develops annual work plans to implement strategies.

Foster an environment conducive to a managedcare market with continuous review of resource utilization, education, andtraining opportunities that support resource effectiveness.

Participate in information systems developmentto allow feedback to physicians regarding practice patterns and performance.

Support clinical integration and populationhealth initiatives.

Goals & Objectives:

Become known as a facilitator and champion ofnew clinical initiatives refining approaches to clinical programs and qualityimprovement strategies.

Be recognized as liaison between medical staffleaders and clinicians.

Provide necessary input in settingorganizational performance metrics in care management and in issues relating toregulatory oversight which impact physicians.

Ensure that Lovelace Health System excels atdelivering the highest quality of care and improve patient satisfaction scoresat the hospitals, ensuring the hospitals’ place as the provider of choice forpatients.

Take responsibility for improving clinicalquality indicators, patient safety, patient satisfaction and physiciansatisfaction at the hospital.

Develop physician leadership where necessary toimplement the strategies in specific product lines.

The Candidate:

The successful candidate should have a demonstrable track record inphysician leadership and experience as a practitioner.  Experience as a hospital medical director andsuccess on administrative side in a complex healthcare environment orequivalent is preferred.  He/she shouldbe knowledgeable about managed care. He/she will have experience with designing effective clinical practicepatterns with physicians to decrease utilization and/or enhance quality ofoutcomes in service lines. 

The individual will have a demonstrated understanding of generalprinciples of healthcare management, and the complexities of the currentfinancing system.  An understanding ofregulatory and accreditation standards and the basic issues and principles ofhealthcare law and the implications of the Stark Laws, Fraud and Abuse,For-Profit status and physician inurnment and familiarity of medical stafforganization, credentialing, bylaws, rules, and regulations.  The selected candidate will have anunderstanding of principles and implications of standards for quality of care,quality of monitoring, utilization reviews, discharge planning, and relatedfeatures of today’s healthcare environment. Demonstrated experience innegotiations. The successful candidate will be an acknowledged qualityclinician and affirmed as such by peers.


5-7 years of medical executive leadership roles preferred

M.D or D.O. Degree required; MBA or otheradvanced management degree preferred

Board Certified

Advanced degree in the area of healthcareadministration or related field is desirable



Clinical and Operational excellence

o   Effectively implements evidence-based practice

o   Consistently plans, measures, an adjusts performance toensure optimal outcomes

o   Makes Changes that drive increased quality

Holistic approach

o   Diagnoses root causes to problems

o   Redirects competing efforts to achieve a greater commongood

o Improves how different parts of the organization worktogether


Promotes a collaborative environment

o   Establishes mutual respect

o   Effectively resolves conflict

o Holds oneself and others accountable

Identifies & Develops Talent

o   Recognizes positive performance

o   Takes action to address performance shortfalls

o   Solicits and acts upon feedback


Patient Centered Customer Service

o   Develops and improves process from a patientperspective

o   Actively solicits input to ensure optimal servicedelivery

o   Safeguards and honors other’s dignity and humanity

Cultivate a compassionate environment

o   Cares for the entire person

o   Intentionally works put others at ease

o   Listens actively to understand and respond to others


Business Acumen

o   Understands how our organization competes anddifferentiates in the marketplace

o   Acts like an owner of the business

o   Connects and communicates how individual workcontributes to financial objectives

Continually Simplifies & Improves

o   Improves performance by optimizing resources (physical,financial, and human)

o   Challenges conventional practices when they are overlycomplex

o   Eliminates waste


Fosters Innovation

o   Seeks out emerging best practices and technologies

o   Engages input and involvement from all levels

o   Champions adoption of innovation

Sets Clear Direction

o   Defines clear and measurable strategic plans

o   Executes to deliver results

o   Surveys the relevant environment for trends and opportunities

Department / Location

Lovelace Health System Division - Albuquerque, NM